Company Background

In 1934 the Rasamny brothers founded Rasamny Brothers Inc. in the Liberian Republic . The family owned and operated a large business corporation that represented brands such as Chrysler, Ford and Honda in the automotive industry in addition to Palmolive, Colgate and other brands.

In 1957, the Rasamny brothers planned to expand their business. They opened the first showroom and back-offices under the name of Rasamny Younis Motor Co. (RYMCO) in Beirut and launched their operations as exclusive dealers of Oldsmobile and GMC.

In 1964 RYMCO built up its own showrooms, back-offices and after-sales facility in Chiyah and added the Australian brand, Holden, to the company's portfolio as a strategic move to grow the company.

Three years later, RYMCO introduced the first DATSUN to the Lebanese market constituting a major turning point in the company's profile.

In 1979 Unfortunately, the Lebanese war left the Chiyah facilities in complete ruin and forced RYMCO to move from the Head quarters location to Deir Koubel at first and then to Choueifat, where a showroom and a service facility were set-up to cater customers' needs.

In 1985, after the Israeli invasion, RYMCO was once again forced to move. They relocated from Choueifat to Hamra Street and then to Jal El Baher, (which was to later become an official RYMCO branch)

After 1991's ceasefire, RYMCO re-launched its operations from Chiyah, where the showrooms, the after-sales facility and company offices saw a complete restoration.

By 1992, RYMCO proudly participated with Nissan and GMC in the nation's first ever Motor Show.

After 41 years of being a privately owned institution, RYMCO went public in 1998 to become the first and the only automotive dealer to be listed on Beirut Stock Exchange list. 

The Chiyah showrooms were given full restoration in 2003; where the re-opening took place in the presence of Nissan CEO, Carlos Ghosn and then in 2004, RYMCO went on to launch its Infiniti boutique in the heart of downtown Beirut becoming the first to open a separate facility for Infiniti outside Northern America.

The following year, Abdo Sweidan, the newly appointed managing director of RYMCO, received the 2005 President Award from Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan.

2006 was a record year for RYMCO, as it maintained the No.1 position and achieved growth across the board for the 7th year in a row.

In 2007, RYMCO achieved a 74% growth over 2006 controlling 21.3% of the Lebanese market, maintaining its number 1 position.

In 2008 RYMCO became the fastest growing automotive dealer in Lebanon growing its business by 85.7% from 4273 units in 2007 to 7932 units in 2008, historically no other dealer was able to achieve those sales figure in Lebanon.

In 2009  Nissan Champion Award

"No.1 market share over 5years in row: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 ", a world premiere performance in the Middle East for Nissan brand.

In 2011 RYMCO became one of the leading automotive dealerships, acquiring ISO 9001: 2008. This year, their company controlled more than 60% of the Japanese market.

RYMCO signed a partnership agreement with Renault Trucks announcing them as exclusive distributor of Renault Trucks in Lebanon. The official signature conference took place at RYMCO's headquarters in Chiyah and was attended by senior officials from RYMCO, Renault Trucks International and members of the press.

In 2012, RYMCO partnered with Zardman Group and re-introduced Lotus to Lebanon, the authentic British sports car, during a launch event hosting Dany Bahhar - CEO Lotus group, and Kimi Raikkonen- Formula 1 Champion.

RYMCO inaugurates first independent GMC service center in Lebanon, located in Chiyah, adjacent to RYMCO's headquarters and showroom. The milestone installation was attended by RYMCO executives, GMC representatives from the General Motors regional, as well as prominent customers.

In 2013, RYMCO announced the opening of its new POWERSPORTS division and showroom in Mathaf area revealing thrilling new brands, including Peugeot Scooters, whom RYMCO signed an agreement with, becoming their exclusive distributor in Lebanon.

RYMCO inaugurated its all-new Nissan dedicated showroom in Verdun, the heart of Beirut City. The celebration corresponded with the regional launch of the all New Nissan Tiida shaped to complement the lifestyle of the "young at heart" customers throughout Lebanon and the region.

RYMCO has outperformed with important and successful milestones, awards and recognition, controlling 50% of the Japanese market share.

In 2014, RYMCO inaugurated its new Nissan showroom in Dbaye, in an outstanding event revealing the all new 2015 Nissan models in the presence of Nissan’s international executives.

In 2015, RYMCO offered a donation to the CCCL as part of its corporate social responsibility activities. This donation was a result of the new Nissan Patrol campaign, initiated in September 2014, aiming to collect $1,000 from every sale of a new Patrol .

Mr. Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Nissan worldwide met with Mr. Fayez Rasamny and members of RYMCO management, during his short visit to Lebanon and in the occasion, RYMCO donated a new Nissan Minibus to the Children Cancer Centre of Lebanon (CCCL)

Rymco introduced a one of a kind service, the Mobile Workshop, enabling all clients to have their car checked by a professional technical team from RYMCO, anywhere they want, upon prior request for periodic maintenance (oil, filter, brakes, etc.) 

In 2016, RYMCO reinforced its leading position in the automotive sector by announcing the dealership acquisition of LADA cars in Lebanon and a special showroom was arranged for Lada in Jal el Dib.

RYMCO inaugurated one of the biggest car maintenance and customer service centers in Lebanon, in the Choueifat area. The facility, which is a site dedicated for the cars and commercial vehicles’ maintenance and repair, is fully equipped to accommodate about 1,000 vehicles. 

RYMCO unveiled the locally tuned and reliable 1,000 HP Nissan GT-R that was the result of a long research and development process done by a team of experts at RYMCO. The event took place in RPM Mtein and witnessed the launching of the official GT-R club in cooperation with Nadim Mehanna.